Which Type of Boat is Best for You?


From enjoying a tranquil experience around the Toronto Islands to navigating the open waters of Lake Ontario, send exotic destinations beyond, boating and sailing are wonderful experiences for everyone.

With so many types of boats for rent to choose from, how do you choose which one is the best for you? We’ll guide you through different types of boats and give you options on which boat you should rent!


Silently paddle through calm waters either solo or with a partner on either a canoe or kayak! For those looking for a quiet, relaxing experience, a canoe or kayak is pretty much perfect. Whether you’re going on a solo outing or with a partner, they’re ideal for exploring narrow waterways and shallow areas.

Canoes and kayaks are also excellent for fitness enthusiasts, as paddling provides a full-body workout. Whether you are exploring the Toronto Islands or a coastline, you’ll have a great time using a canoe or kayak.

Wine Tasting


Take the family for a short ride in a protected harbour on a runabout! These are compact yet comfortable motor boats, offering a fun way to enjoy the water.

Mini Cruiser

A mini cruiser is ideal for a smaller group (four to eight people) on a motorboat. It has a small cabin, which is cozy, and the boat can drop anchor for a swim at a nearby beach. It’s best for people that want to have fun on the water but not blow the bank on a rental.

Luxury Yacht

This is where things start to amp up for your boat choice — be pampered by a private crew for up to 20 friends on a luxury yacht! These boats are often 35 to 60 feet long, and typically have servers offering gourmet meals, a fully stocked bar and all the amenities you need.

Super Yacht

This is how the billionaire class lives – a super yacht is the ultimate yacht for rent. It has all the features of a luxury yacht times 10 and goes far beyond in terms of your every need to be met. You’ll feel like a superstar with this kind of boat.

Sailing Dinghy

For those who want an adrenaline rush, a sailing dinghy provides a raw, hands-on sailing experience. These boats for rent only accommodate one to two people, but they’re exciting to sail in and you will get wet!

Sport Keel Boat

A sport keel boat is bigger than a dingy – it can carry three to five people – but it’s a real rush to sail on them. You’ll stay dry this time, too!

Luxury Sailing Yacht

With a dedicated crew catering to a group of eight to 12 people, a luxury sailing yacht is an amazing experience in Toronto. You can enjoy the water and wind in your hair and feel like you’re living the good life in a boat like this.


These boats for rent are just like a luxury sailing yacht, but a lot wider and rides flat when the winds pick up. These dual-hulled ships offer spacious decks, with a capacity for six to 18 people. A catamaran is a wonderful choice for a leisurely day on the water or just a get-together with friends or family.

Super Sailing Yacht

Party like an eco-conscious billionaire just like on the Below Deck Sailing series! These are much like a luxury sailing yacht, but they’re fully loaded experiences in exotic destinations, with a crew on board to cater to your every need. Food, drinks and fun at the highest levels are the name of the game here.

When you’re choosing a boat to rent, think about what kind of experience you want that day and which people are coming on board with you. Once you do that, all the options will fall into place!

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