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Gone Sailing Adventures offers expert sailing lessons from seasoned, ocean experienced instructors. Navigate the waters of Lake Ontario while developing or refining your skills. Our instruction on the newest equipment ensures a safe, educational and fun experience. Offering Sail Canada and sailing certifications recognized around the world.
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Our Certified Instructors Bring Ocean Sailing Experience to You

Expert instructors will show you the ropes on the newest equipment. Whether you are a landlubber or an old salt, Gone Sailing Adventures offers a wide range of sailing lessons to satisfy your passion. Our instructional programs are comprehensive, and are internationally recognized through Sail Canada, International Yacht Training, and Choose from our list of adult sailing programs available both in water and online. We also provide personal and customized lessons on our boats or yours.

*12% Crew Service Fee & 13% HST added at checkout


3hr Introductory Sailing Lesson

This entry level course is taught on our specially designed First 22. This course is intended to provide novice boaters the opportunity to experience the joys of sailing in a relaxed and safe environment.

Sailors will participate in:

  • Reviewing basic safety when participating as crew.
  • Preparation of boat for departure.
  • Departure from dock as crew.
  • Assist in activities required to sail while underway – including raising and lowering sails, sail trim, helming.
  • Returning to dock as crew.

This 3hr class provides a great opportunity for first time sailors to get out on the water with an experienced instructor. Optional online Introduction to Sailing Course ($35.00 value).

Upon completion, enroll in our Small Boat Skipper Certification and save $90**

** For Students who pay published course fee - Small Keel Boat Skipper Rank

Custom Dates for Private Classes Available

This certification course is taught on the newest equipment in Toronto. you will learn to sail as both crew and skipper, safety equipment and procedures, powering in restricted waters, terminology, basic weather and chart reading, anchoring and docking, heavy weather sailing, reefing and knots, rules of the road and man-overboard procedures aboard our modern 28’ yacht. Upon completion, you should be able to command and operate with the assistance of crew a keeled sailboat safely in moderate wind and sea conditions. This course includes 25hrs online advance learning.
Download Course Summary & Learning Objectives

Graduating Students save $100 on Bare Boat Charter Master Cruising**

  • Individual $959
  • 2 Students $939 ea
  • 3 Students $929 ea
  • 4 Students $899 ea

Upgrade your skills to our 38′ yacht with a one day (6hr clinic)

** For Students who pay full published course fee

Small Keel Boat Cruising

May 7/8/9


May 21/22/23


Jun 4/5/6


Jun 18/19/20


Jul 2/3/4


Jul 16/17/18


May 3/4/5


May 17/18/19


May 31/Jun 1/2


Jun 14/15/16


Jul 5/6/7


May 6/7 | 13/14 | 20/21


Jun 3/4 | 10/11 | 17/18


Jul 8/9 | 15/16 | 22/23/24

2 Weekend

Sept 7/8 | 21/22

2 Weekend

Sept 7/8 | 21/22 - Bareboat Charter Master Rank

This course is taught on our luxury 38′ yacht, by international ocean sailors. It is a 4 night Live-Aboard Course for those who have taken or can demonstrate the Skipper Level sailing skills. Upon completion the candidate should be able to cruise safely in familiar waters as both skipper and crew of a sailing yacht of 30-40 feet, sloop rigged with an inboard engine, in moderate wind and sea conditions by day. This standard emphasizes on-the-water skills at a level acceptable for bare boat chartering or extended cruises in coastal waters. Includes meals and 42 hrs online advance learning.
Download Course Summary & Learning Objectives.

  • Single Occ Cabin $1949
  • Double Occ Cabin $1799

Prerequisite: Keel Boat Skipper Level

** For Students who pay published course fee

** Graduates of our Small Keel Boat Skipper course save $100.

Bareboat Charter Master​
5 days live aboard

May 27-31

Bareboat Charter Master
5 days live aboard

Jun 24-28

Bareboat Charter Master - SLC (Sailing License and Credentials)

This is a required certificate for chartering in Europe! (Croatia & Mediterranean) and equivalent to the ICC. Yacht charter companies recognize the SLC and will grant holders the ability to charter their yachts, provided a sailing resume is also attached. This self-study course is based upon the program of the ICC requirements, including: vessel checkout, meteorology, pilotage and passage planning, plus vessel handling. Upon completion of the self-study program, the candidate may challenge the 6hr combined written and afloat tests.

This course is not meant for the novice boater. The candidate must hold the Sail Canada Intermediate Cruising Standard plus the Sail Canada Coastal Navigation Standard or equivalent and VHF-DSC Radio License or equivalent in experience or certification. If you require more than just a refresher, a more comprehensive online learning program is available for an additional (US)$350.

More Details of the ICC/SLC certification may be downloaded here

  • Private – $1099 pp
  • Semi private – $899 p
  • Group of 3 students – $849 pp
  • Group of 4 students – $799 pp
  • Add on to Intermediate – $499
From $149

Toronto Harbour License

All recreational boaters in the Toronto Harbour must carry a valid ‘Toronto Port Authority Power Vessel Operator’s Licence’ in order to operate any vessel equipped with an engine. This license consists of both a written and practical test.

We offer advance instruction and testing for the Harbour Permit.

13% HST not included

From $149

VHF Radio License

All operators of maritime VHF radios must hold, as a minimum requirement, a Maritime VHF Radio Operator Certificate. Knowing how to use a maritime VHF radio correctly and confidently is vital in case of emergency. This course explains all protocols that must be followed when communicating over the maritime radio network. This is a self-study course, preparing you for a written and oral exam.

*13% HST not included

From $40

Additional On-Line Learning

Through our affiliation with NauticEd Online Sailing Courses you are now able to learn to sail from the comfort of your own chair. While this doesn’t replace hands on experience, it does get you warmed up during those colder months when you are not sailing the Caribbean waters with us.

Get your practical sailing with Gone Sailing Adventures and work towards your Sail Canada or NauticEd Certification. Our programs are globally recognized using a combined e-learning technology and practical training.

Register and receive two free online courses.


When considering chartering a yacht in Canada, we know you have many options. Some of these options look super exciting and at ridiculously great prices. Recent trends in the industry have opened the door for many unqualified individuals to purchase boats and offer charter services to the unsuspecting public. It’s easy to create a website and even easier to just list a boat on sites such as Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, Getmyboat, Boat Setter and many others.

Unfortunately, many of these operators are NOT licensed, insured or qualified to accept your trust on the water.

In order to be licensed and insured a number of items MUST be in place. Listed are just a few.

  • The operator must be licensed by Transport Canada with a commercial license known as either:
    – Limited Master under 60tonne.
    – Small Vessel Operators Permit (SVOP).
  • The name of the vessel must be visible on the stern (back) or the registration number beginning with the letter “C” must be visible on the side of the vessel near the front. Boats with a registration number beginning with “ON” are not licensed for passengers.
  • If the vessel is under 12m (40’) it should participate in the Transport Canada Small Vessel Compliance Program and display a “Blue Decal” and have corresponding certificate.
  • If the vessel is over 12m (40’) or carries more than 12 passengers, it MUST BE INSPECTED by Transport Canada and have an inspection certificate on board.
  • All vessels must have commercial liability insurance and coverage specifically for the number of passengers approved to be carried on board.
  • The vessel must comply with commercial safety requirements beyond recreational standards. Many of these illegal operators do not have the proper training, carry proper safety equipment, nor do their recreational boats meet the design/construction requirements of a commercial, passenger carrying vessel. These illegal operators try to stay under the radar of Police/OPP/RCMP/Transport Canada by:
  • hiding the name of their vessel by hanging items over the stern
  • not letting you know where they will have you board until just before the start of your charter.
  • pick you up at a public park (where docking is not permitted).
  • suggest to you that you are friends of the owner/operator out for a ride and not a paying customer.
  • allow you to drink alcohol while the boat is underway (illegal-same as a car) but tell you to hide your bottles etc.
  • insist on a cash transaction or part of it as a way of defrauding the internet listing company.
  • Make you sign a “Charter Agreement” just before you board without giving you details of the document beforehand.

    Over the last few years there have been a number of deaths and even more accidents resulting from these types of operators. Be safe and know who you are getting on a boat with. All licensed operators should willingly display their credentials, and most are members of the Passenger & Commercial Vessel Association (PCVA).

    Link to Global News Report on Charter Accidents

Check before you book
Know before you Go!