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There is nothing like owning your own boat

  • Bank loans
  • Docking fees
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance fees & Time

Owning a new yacht is an exhilarating experience and ownership with Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing can mean a smooth purchase and great returns. For years, savvy boat buyers have bought into well-respected fleets to offset boat expenses. At Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing, we regulate our fleet based on demand to ensure maximized occupancy. Our goals are the highest possible return for our owners, and excellent maintenance standards – “preservation of the asset”. The minimum annual return is 14% on your investment.

A professional organization with a proven history of success and a unique perspective on business operations

Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing has been successfully managing and chartering yachts since 2005. The company is the largest fractional sailing company in Canada. This gives us a unique and unusual insight that other companies, no matter how experienced, simply cannot match. Our custom-designed facility was built by and is owned by ourselves with full-time on-site staff.

Uncompromising maintenance standards

As yacht owners ourselves – we own 100% of our current fleet. We understand the importance of assuring absolute personal attention to your vessel. We will not compromise our maintenance standards. Our technical team recognizes that preventative maintenance is paramount and, for each vessel in our fleet, we develop an individual program that ensures that the yacht is well maintained and that member commitments are met. Our full-time professional staff take pride in their work and are consistently complimented by our members, owners and charter guests.

On-going Marketing and a very high repeat customer ratio

Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing enjoys one of the highest repeat customer ratios in the industry. Over 70% of our members each year have sailed with us previously. Some have been sailing with us for more than 5 years. Our acclaimed website, complemented by conventional advertising in high-profile sailing publications, is reckoned to be one of the most successful around.

Two types of Ownership Plans

We offer two types of fractional ownership plans

3 Owner Fractional

Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing has developed a proprietary method of fractional ownership for persons who wish to maximize their sailing time without the time commitments of maintenance. Your boat is purchased new and outfitted to your specifications with assistance from our expert sailing team. After the purchase, there is no further expenses beyond a modest annual administration fee. Owned by 3 individuals, each partner has a guaranteed access to for 1 week per full month of sailing (7 days). Additional days are available when the boat is not in use by other owners. Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing has use of the yacht for the remainder of month. This way we recover all of the operating expenses at no cost to the ownership group.

Direct Time Share

One owner purchases the yacht to the Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing recommended specifications. The owner receives a full membership and annual rent equivalent to 75% favourable financing. Gone Sailing Adventures manages the yacht for 5-7 years and upon the condition of the yacht, the owner recoups his/her initial investment resulting in sailing free for the period of ownership. All expenses are paid for by Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing.

Let’s Talk about the benefits of owning a yacht in the Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing fleet.