Escape the office. Sail the lake.

Yacht sailing - perfect for teams of 6-90. Dedicate a morning or afternoon to those who make your organization shine by treating them to a unique team-building sailing adventure, unlike anything they've ever experienced before.

Planning something everyone will enjoy is a real challenge.

Looking for a great event that fits into your regular workday
schedule is always a challenge. There are so many options, but not all of them offer the kind of
fun and experience you're looking for,
and others are not available when you need them.

Your team says they don’t want to:

Be forced into an awkward group lunch
Shoot each other with paintball guns
Hear the thud of axes thrown against wood

Fun, team building activity during work hours.

You'll embark on a 3-hour sailing adventure on Lake Ontario with your licensed captain and crew . Together, your team will learn the ropes of teamwork on the water; from charting your course, hoisting the sails and steering the boat .

Meet at our pier

At the central waterfront, you will be greeted by your captain and crew as you step aboard the yachts.

Set sail

Engage in team-building, mastering sailing on premium yachts.

Achieve together

Strengthen your teams’ bonds and share in their excitement after their sailing experience.

The best team outing you’ve ever done.

Master the wind and waves in a truly memorable setting. Keep your team engaged throughout the entire adventure, fostering teamwork and creating lasting bonds with an unforgettable team building experience.

  • Specific team-building challenges available
  • Snacks, catering, or custom food options
  • Weather protection: Your investment is safe with us.

Starting at $199/person

“It’s always been so hard to get my team to agree to a a dinner or event. But this, everybody got something different from it. They loved it!”

— Maria, Office Manager
    Toronto, ON

Frequently Asked Questions

What if someone gets seasick easily?

The waters on Lake Ontario are generally light with only moderate waves during the summer. Relatively few people suffer from some sort of nausea while sailing Toronto waters.

The one part of sailing out of our control is the weather. Toronto has a very moderate climate with sub-tropical weather during the summer; rain is usually light and/or only temporary (20+/- minutes). We do offer a number of weather protection options to insure your investment is secure and your day on the water is perfect.

Like anywhere in the city, parking is a premium. We have a number of paid lots along the waterfront and have linked to the Waterfront BIA parking map so that you can spend less tme finding parking and more time relaxing on your private yacht with us! The attached link shows all of the public parking lots and parking garages at on the waterfront. Please also consider public transit, walking or cycling to get to Toronto’s Waterfront!

Sailing in Toronto is an outdoor activity! During your sailing experience you may be exposed to sun, wind and cool breezes. Be prepared and this will make your yacht charter much more enjoyable. We recommend wearing sunscreen and a hat. Additionally, we recommend having layered clothing; a base cool layer, warmer middle layer and waterproof outer layer. The temperature can be much cooler during a breeze and when the sun goes down. To enhance your Toronto sailing experience, all of our boats are barefoot only.

How big of a group can you handle?

Our yachts our licensed to carry between 8-12 guests. For larger groups, we use multiple yachts in a flotilla experience. We can service groups up to 90 guests.

We have a yacht friendly menu prepared fresh from our galley. Due to the variety of food requests, we offer catering as option to our standard charter. Our food service team includes cullinary students from the top Ontario schools and is something many guests rave about after their event. If you have a special request just ask.

Alcohol consumption is subject to Ontario Regulations. Our sail boats are licensed by AGCO and offer both beer & wine for purchase. Guests are permitted to consume beverages at all time while on our yachts.

I am continually amazed at the power of first experiences.

I cherish the opportuniies in seeing first time sailors embrace their experience. It’s a rare and beautiful thing to facilitate and share in someone else’s moment of awe.

I consider it a privilege to offer our experiences, to be a part of our guests’ first ‘wow’ moments while sailing. There’s something deeply fulfilling about watching the joy and surprise unfold as they discover its unique beauty and power.

I invite you to join my crew, to see the world through a new lens, and to rediscover the wonder of exploration.

Fair Winds,

Captain Howie Colt

Reserve your preferred day before your boat leaves without you.

Availability is limited. Ensuring your desired date requires
early booking. If the number of people in your party is still up
in the air, there's no need to worry.

We offer the flexibility to finalize your decision and will hold
your date exclusively for you for 5 days, with no
deposit necessary.

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