Exclusive Benefits

Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing is quite a unique offer which combines the enjoyable parts of boat chartering, membership at the sailing club and ownership of the boat, but eliminates the worries and anxiety associated with those services. Additionally to that Gone Sailing Adventures is ready to guarantee additional benefits for all Fractional Sailing members.

No Long Term Committment

Boat ownership typically requires a long term commitment of both time and money. At Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing, we like to minimize that commitment and offer options to suit your lifestyle. Start with a renewable one season membership of 8-40 sailing days. This is a great way to get introduced to yachting.

Flexible Payment Terms

At Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing we have no initiation fees to join or security deposits to hold. All of your money goes directly to your sailing time

Limited Membership

At Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing, we want you to sail. To maximize your sailing time we limit the number of members on each boat to 6 Full Members or less. This minimizes potential conflicts with other members. With over 150 days in the Toronto sailing season, your yacht is ready when you are. Each month offers a minimum of 60 sailing opportunities and we only schedule 48. This guarantees every member receives their allotted sails in each month.

Simple Online Scheduling

Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing utilizes a sophisticated online scheduling program that allows Members to build a schedule that satisfies your specific desires. Conventional scheduling methods are “first-come-first-served”. Members are allowed to grab open time on the calendar with minimal rules for fairness to others. Unless you are first to reserve your time at the moment it becomes available, you will likely miss out on dates important to you, and will be forced to take the leftovers. This approach serves the few first-movers very well — but everyone else very poorly.

Our approach is entirely different. It takes into account each Member’s desire to use the yacht for multi-day cruising and for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, business entertaining, and city events. With this input an initial schedule is created for all Members in a way that is fair to everyone. Members then select additional dates as the season progress, and may trade dates with other members, providing tremendous flexibility. Members may also use their yacht spontaneously if it is not otherwise scheduled and enjoy a Next Day Booking on the water.

Step On – Step Off Sailing

Sailing should be stress free. At Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing, your boat is ready to go when you are. Simply park your car/lock your bike/walk over to the pier, step aboard, complete your check-on list on our mobile app and cast off. When you return, coil your lines, do your dishes, remove your garbage, and complete the check-off list. Your yacht will be ready for its next use in less than 30 minutes.

Central Location

Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing features its own, private docks in the Toronto Harbour at Lower Spadina. This central location provides ready access to all Harbourfront amenities and the convenience of monthly parking.


Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing takes great pride in its yachts, all of which are maintained to the highest standard by our team that follow a rigorous service protocol. This protocol begins as new vessels enters the fleet and continues across their entire tenure in the program. We take all necessary steps to keep all vessels running well, operating safely and looking great for you. Our commitment to continual preventative maintenance performed in the background translates directly into safe, hassle-free enjoyment of the yacht by our Members.

For our Members, this translates into consistent vessel availability. For critical issues that require urgent attention, we provide our skilled maintenance staff on-call for immediate phone assistance, and if needed, dispatched 24/7. Each yacht has an AIS locator system to ensure your shore crew can find you at any time. You are never be alone on the water as Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing Member.

Captain & Concierge Services

For extraordinary personal and business entertaining aboard your yacht, Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing offers Concierge and Professional Captain services. An elegant meal or casual eats for a romantic couple or a festive party – your wish is our command. Our plan and deliver unique experiences aboard your yacht that family, friends and business associates will speak of for years to come. If you would like to hand the helm over and get deep into the festivities yourself, we can provide a Licensed Captain who can tend to the yacht under your direction. Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing Concierges and Captains are wonderful people that make your event truly special and help you shine as the host.


We understand these are impressive and sometimes intimidating yachts. We want you to be comfortable and safe on your new boat. At the start of each season we provide an extensive 6-8 hour orientation. We walk you through all vessel equipment as well as ensuring you have the skills need to sail, dock and anchor.

Do you need a license? No problem, your Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing crew will examine and issue your PCOC, Toronto Harbour License, or Maritime Radio Operators Certificate as required.(*additional fees may apply)


Your Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing crew includes excellent instructors. Let us take you from landlubber to sailor in our 60 hour instructional program. Our special Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing course includes all of the knowledge and skill development to have you sailing your yacht safely in the Toronto waters. You learn boat parts and basic mechanics, sail theory and sail trim, motoring in tight quarters, docking and anchoring, safe sailing, emergency procedures, weather, and navigation.

As you develop your sailing skills, then continue with your education learning, night time sailing and navigational skills. All Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing members receive discounts on our Sail Canada certified specific courses.

Weather Guarantee

The weather doesn’t always cooperate with us and Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing ensures it doesn’t cost you a day. Whenever there is rain or unsafe conditions for more than 4 daylight hours on a stand alone Advance Reserved day, it won’t count against you. We’ll just call it a mulligan and let you have another reserved day in its place (subject to availability).

Vacation Planning

When ready to sail off, your crew will assist you in plotting a course for an extended vacation on your yacht. Routes, weather, ports of call, transient dockage and moorings, whatever you need we are here to help. We will even deliver and return the boat to a distant starting point, so you spend your time sailing. (delivery charges apply)


In addition to the experienced team and chase boat, all Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing vessels are registered with C-TOW which means you are always safe and secure with a response 24hrs a day, all season long.