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To prevent the spread of COVID-19, governments are advising the public to practice social distancing. Basically, staying home is the new way of going out. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring, we just need a bit of inspiration and the help of our new Best Friend: technology.

Roll up, roll up, you’re invited to our Gone Sailing Adventure’s Movie Club. Over the next few days we’ll be sharing some of our favorite sailing films over the years and we want you to join us.

Whether you’re self-isolating at home or staying offshore on a yacht/sailing charter, you may be re-watching your old-favorites or checking out new released, we’ve rounded up our Top 10 Sailing Films to watch during coronavirus quarantine.

Among the suggestions, we opted not to include animated features (Finding Nemo, Little Mermaid, Moana), animated shorts (The Old Man and The Sea), or non-English movies (Knife in the Water). However, if this quarantine period extends, we’ll definitely be sending your way more Sailing film suggestions.

So, let’s get the popcorn ready and laugh, cry and imagine sailing together. Just because we have to stay home, doesn’t mean that we can’t still have adventures on the water.

Ready? So we are!



3. Master and Commander

4. Captain Phillips

5. Kon-tiki

6. Dominic Purcell Abandoned

7. The Mercy

8. White Squall

9. Pirates of Caribbean

10. Horatio Hornblower series

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