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Individual Ticketed Experience on a Luxury 41’ Sailing Yacht.

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Bespoke Sails on your choice of yacht.

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Our Certified Instructors Bring Ocean Sailing Experience to You.

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Membership Options for new & experienced sailors.

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From $2399


The perfect catamaran for fun, family & friends
From $1099

sailing yacht

Sailing for an afternoon or sunset
From $1049

Aimant pour les Femmes
sailing yacht

A great sailing yacht for a small group
From $1049

sailing yacht

A great sailing yacht for a small group
From $649

Anything Goes
sailing yacht

Sailing excitment when the wind blows
From $499

Hot Flash
sailing yacht

Perfect for getting your feet wet and learning the ropes
From $1499

Black Rock
motor yacht

The largest motor yacht in our fleet
From $1399

Even Sweeter
motor yacht

Affordable motoring with a luxury feel
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Unmatched Experiences

Gone Sailing Adventures: where expert crew and luxury meet adventure. Enjoy personalized, bespoke voyages, unforgettable experiences, excellent catering, and unmatched hospitality.

Your best choice for Sailing Adventure

With over 15 years of experience making sailing memories:

The greatest selection of shared sailing experiences, private sailing & motor yachts & sailing lessons
The newest sailing yachts for club membership and lessons
The largest number of luxury sailing yachts for corporate events (up to 90 guests)
All yachts are owned and/or operated through Gone Sailing Adventures (we are not just agents)

Stuff To Know​

What to know before booking

Largest Choice of Licensed Yachts

We offer luxury yacht rentals; Sailing and Motor. Our yachts are designed for your comfort and are safety inspected with equipment exceeding Transport Canada Commercial requirements.

What About Rain

We sail Rain or Shine. Rain in the city does not mean rain on the water. Our neighbourhood receives less rain than the city and it typically lasts for 20 minutes or less. Click here for weather protection and cancellation options.


Rates are priced either per boat (private) or individual (shared). Choose your individual tour or yacht from our fleet or Click Here for assistance in customizing your sail.

Where We Go

All tours provide awesome views of the CN Tower, Toronto skyline, and lake vistas while you sail the Toronto Harbour & lagoons and circumnavigate the Toronto Islands. Click here for an aerial view of our playground.


Food & Drink

Sailing yachts offer premium food service from our on-board galley. Each yacht has its own license and is subject to provincial food & beverage regulations. Click here for details.

How To Find Us

We are centrally located just south of the Rogers Centre on the Waterfront. Click Here for our location, parking and, directions.

Weather Toronto

Weather in Toronto changes daily. Even when rain is forecasted, it only lasts for 20+/- minutes and often doesn’t even reach our playground in the harbour. Check out our weather and other cancellation protection options

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Frequently Asked Questions

The one part of sailing out of our control is the weather. Toronto has a very moderate climate and foul with sub-tropical weather during the summer; rain usually is light and is only temporary (20 minutes). Unless there is lightning in the immediate area or the wind or waves are deemed unsafe, we will be sailing (it often makes the trip more exciting).

During more severe conditions, there is always a dry place on your private yacht in the cabin and covered cockpit. In the unlikely event sailing is cancelled you will be offered a rain-check to return another day for a sailing lesson and public sail. Private Yacht Charters have the option to purchase Any Reason or Weather Insurance in advance.

Like anywhere in the city, parking is at a premium. We have a number of paid lots along the waterfront and have linked to the Waterfront BIA parking map so that you can spend less time finding parking and more time relaxing on your private yacht with us!

The attached link shows all of the public parking lots and parking garages at on the waterfront. When you find a parking lot near to the attraction or business you are visiting, click the “directions” button to open driving directions to the parking lot on google maps. Please also consider public transit, walking or cycling to get to Toronto’s Waterfront!

Alcohol consumption is subject to Ontario Regulations that are strongly enforced by the Toronto Marine Police, OPP & RCMP. Private Yachts that are not licensed by the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) are only permitted to provide BYOB service and consumption is limited to while at the dock or anchored – not while the boat is moving (most of your sail).

Great News – Our sail boats are licensed by AGCO and as such we sell both beer & wine and you are permitted to consume your beverages at all time while on your yacht charter. Our private motor yachts are subject to standard alcohol regulations above. Our sailing yachts operate the same as a bar and no outside food or alcohol is permitted on any yacht.

Each vessel carries its own licensing and different rules apply. Please see our Food and Beverage Policy.

We have a special yacht – designed menu prepared fresh from our galley available for private charters and shared sails. We also work with a few outside caterers which require 7 days advance notice. Our menus are available from our website by clicking here.

Please see our Food and Beverage Policy for Private Charters on each individual boat. Our sailing yachts and luxury catamaran have in house catering only while our motor yachts permit self-catering. During Shared Sails, we do not permit outside food brought on board due to the intimacy of the close quarters and potential allergies etc. We do however, provide complimentary bottled water. Snacks and Beverages are available for purchase.

We love celebrations and welcome you to bring cupcakes ONLY. Cakes are difficult to serve on a moving boat. Home baked goods are not permitted. While we don’t charge for this service, you are encouraged to show your extra appreciation to your crew accordingly.

The waters on Lake Ontario are generally light with only moderate waves during the summer. Relatively few people suffer from some sort of nausea while sailing Toronto waters.

We recommend two herbal remedies that are non-medicinal, Ginger Gravol and Motion Ease. The Ginger Gravol should be taken in advance and is found at most pharmacies. There is a Shoppers Drug Mart across the road from our dock. You can hop in there before you set out on your sailing adventures with Gone Sailing Adventures. In the unlikely event that you are not feeling well on your yacht charter, our staff will do their best to make you comfortable during your sail.

If you plan on taking any anti-nausea medication – You should do so at least 45 minutes prior to boarding your private yacht. Remember regular gravol or dramamine will cause drowsiness.

Consult your medical advisor prior to taking any medications.

Sailing in Toronto is an outdoor activity!

During your sailing experience you may be exposed to sun, wind and cool breezes. Be prepared and this will make your yacht charter much more enjoyable. We recommend wearing sunscreen and a hat. Additionally, we recommend having layered clothing; a base cool layer, warmer middle layer and waterproof outer layer. The temperature can be much cooler during a breeze and when the sun goes down.

To enhance your Toronto sailing experience, all of our boats are barefoot only.

Please apply sunscreen prior to boarding. Spray-on products may damage the boat finish and are not permitted on our luxury yachts.


When considering chartering a yacht in Canada, we know you have many options. Some of these options look super exciting and at ridiculously great prices. Recent trends in the industry have opened the door for many unqualified individuals to purchase boats and offer charter services to the unsuspecting public. It’s easy to create a website and even easier to just list a boat on sites such as Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, Getmyboat, Boat Setter and many others.

Unfortunately, many of these operators are NOT licensed, insured or qualified to accept your trust on the water.

In order to be licensed and insured a number of items MUST be in place. Listed are just a few.

  • The operator must be licensed by Transport Canada with a commercial license known as either:
    – Limited Master under 60tonne.
    – Small Vessel Operators Permit (SVOP).
  • The name of the vessel must be visible on the stern (back) or the registration number beginning with the letter “C” must be visible on the side of the vessel near the front. Boats with a registration number beginning with “ON” are not licensed for passengers.
  • If the vessel is under 12m (40’) it should participate in the Transport Canada Small Vessel Compliance Program and display a “Blue Decal” and have corresponding certificate.
  • If the vessel is over 12m (40’) or carries more than 12 passengers, it MUST BE INSPECTED by Transport Canada and have an inspection certificate on board.
  • All vessels must have commercial liability insurance and coverage specifically for the number of passengers approved to be carried on board.
  • The vessel must comply with commercial safety requirements beyond recreational standards. Many of these illegal operators do not have the proper training, carry proper safety equipment, nor do their recreational boats meet the design/construction requirements of a commercial, passenger carrying vessel. These illegal operators try to stay under the radar of Police/OPP/RCMP/Transport Canada by:
  • hiding the name of their vessel by hanging items over the stern
  • not letting you know where they will have you board until just before the start of your charter.
  • pick you up at a public park (where docking is not permitted).
  • suggest to you that you are friends of the owner/operator out for a ride and not a paying customer.
  • allow you to drink alcohol while the boat is underway (illegal-same as a car) but tell you to hide your bottles etc.
  • insist on a cash transaction or part of it as a way of defrauding the internet listing company.
  • Make you sign a “Charter Agreement” just before you board without giving you details of the document beforehand.

    Over the last few years there have been a number of deaths and even more accidents resulting from these types of operators. Be safe and know who you are getting on a boat with. All licensed operators should willingly display their credentials, and most are members of the Passenger & Commercial Vessel Association (PCVA).

    Link to Global News Report on Charter Accidents

Check before you book
Know before you Go!