Ideas to Celebrate Father’s Day


Your dad is such an important part of your life. He’s been your rock, your support, your ally since you were born.

He’s helped you navigate the world and been an essential part of your life for decades. So as Father’s Day rolls around the corner, there’s a lot of options to show dad how much you care about him. It’s a special day, so this year — why not take dad on an experience that you can share together?

Why not take to the water on a yacht?

Yacht Charters

Dad won’t forget an adventure on the water anytime soon. Toronto’s incredible sights and beautiful collection of islands in the Toronto Harbour are an amazing draw for anyone, so a Toronto yacht charter trip is an ideal gift for dad.

This experience will offer dad a chance to connect with nature, have an adventure with his loved ones, and relax in a way you simply can’t on land.

For Father’s Day Weekend, Gone Sailing Adventures with Sail Canada is offering #GoSailing Days. With this package, dad will get the experience of learning to sail on board a 22’ or 28 keel boat. If he enjoys it, he can even sign up for lessons or a private charter at a future date and receive a Father’s Day gift of his sailing lesson money back as a credit to use in the future.

Another terrific option is the 2hr Sailing Experience, where you can enjoy sailing on a luxurious Toronto yacht charter and feel the breeze through your hair and sun on your face. You will learn all the qualities of sailing in a direct way, surrounded by family and friends.

If dad is into a more restive time on the water, there’s cruises towards the historic Toronto Islands. On this trip, your yacht navigates through the beautiful enclave of the Island Lagoons. This trip, which lasts about two or three hours (depending on the day), is relaxing and deeply meaningful to anyone that wants to see a side of the Islands not always accessible.

Wine Tasting

If dad enjoys wine culture, there’s plenty of excellent choices out there to celebrate Father’s Day in style and sophistication. Wine tasting on a boat is an especially fun way to show dad your appreciation in a way that makes him feel loved, all while being social and enjoying the sensory experiences of wine.

Why not try the Friday Night Wine and Cheese Sail, which takes place on a Toronto yacht charter. The event includes wine tasting on a boat, complete with an onboard sommelier to guide you through wine pairings. The trip sails along the Toronto Harbour at dusk, allowing you to see the gorgeous, lit-up Toronto skyline at night. The evening also includes delicious, decadent cheeses and sweets at the end of the evening.

You can also book a private charter for a few hours on Lake Ontario for Father’s Day. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy the day with just your dad, family, and friends. Many options are available, including the chance to partake in food, wine and even swimming if you choose to do so.

Of course, it’s incredibly luxurious and enjoyable to sail in Lake Ontario. Dad will absolutely love this experience, allowing him to spend time with those he cares about.

The most important quality of Father’s Day is making sure your dad feels loved and appreciated for who he is and what he does. Sailing out from the Toronto harbour is the kind of special experience that will make Father’s Day extra-special for you and your dad.

All these options are affordable, fun and amazing. He’ll treasure not just the fact he got an experience, but that he shared it with you.

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