How I bought the Bluenose II for $20


I know what you’re thinking….there’s no way, but just listen.

It all started when I was grabbing coffee with a good friend at Starbucks on a rainy Easter Sunday two years ago. We were talking about our usual topic of conversation — sailing and buying/selling boats of course. We were chatting away about where we wanted to sail to next and what our next purchase was going to be. Eventually, I noticed that a man who appeared to be homeless, sat down at the table next to us with a coffee. He saw that we noticed him, and he made his way over to our table. The next thing that happened was shocking.

He said, “I’m really sorry for interrupting and I didn’t mean to eavesdrop on the conversation, but I heard you guys say that you buy and sell boats. I actually have a boat for sale and I was wondering if you’re interested in buying it”. Now keep in mind, this man looked dishevelled and was the last person anyone would have expected to own a boat. Safe to say both my buddy and I were a bit confused and moments of silenced passed. Then, he takes a dime out of his pocket, slides it across the table, and says, “I’ll sell you this boat for $20”. My buddy and I gave each other a look, smiled, and each handed him a $10 bill. We were now proud owners of the Bluenose II.

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