The Best Places to Watch the Sunset in the GTA


The view of Toronto’s sunset is a sight for sore eyes. It’s a good thing that you can enjoy its beauty in various places around the GTA. Sitting in a private yacht rental while enjoying the sunset still offers the best experience, but there are special places where you can just relax and watch as the different colors in the sky melt together.

1. Riverdale Park (East)

Capture that perfect sunset in Toronto by visiting Riverdale Park. Take note that it is divided into two – East and West. Both spots are great if you want to enjoy the sunset, but if you want the perfect shot, the East side is highly recommended. The skyscrapers from the city and the tall Don Valley trees create an amazing spectacle that you will never forget.

2. Polson Pier

As an amusement center, you can enjoy various activities if you visit here. You can play mini golf, try swimming, and more. However, Polson Pier is known as a perfect spot for watching sunsets. Enjoy the setting sun over the city skyline while the colors blend together. It creates a serene and romantic feeling that you will surely love, especially if you visit here with your special someone. Sailing while enjoying the sunset can provide an out-of-this-world experience. If you want to make the most out of your Toronto trip, a boat rental Toronto would be the best option for you.

3. Humber Bay Arch Bridge

As an iconic landmark and a popular photo location in Toronto, the Humber Bay Arch Bridge is a top destination for trail runners and cyclists as it is part of the Martin Goodman Trail. It would also be a great spot to visit to enjoy the dusk views. The sunset on Humber Bay Arch Bridge is something that you shouldn’t miss if you are in Toronto. The lake, the bridge, the city, and the orange skies will be an amazing sight.

4. Sugar Beach

Nothing beats a sunset viewing on the shoreline, especially if you’re in Sugar Beach. The white sands and the pink-colored umbrellas create a scenic view while the sun sets on the horizon. This is a great spot during summer if you don’t mind the crowd. It gets pretty crowded the whole day because a lot of people want to have a view of the sunset. If you want the best part of the setting sun, you should head to the southern tip of the beach. The west-facing view is blocked by the Redpath factory.

5. Broadview Hotel

If you want to be a bit fancy and you want to enjoy the sunset while eating and drinking in a high-class area, Broadview Hotel is the best destination. Make a reservation on their patio before you head here and make sure that you pick the right time. Enjoy a hearty meal while basking in the orange hues from the horizon. You’ll also enjoy the view of the buildings in Toronto’s east end.

6. Toronto Islands

Located in Lake Ontario, Toronto Island is a great place to spend your day since they provide a wide range of activities that you can try. There are picnic spots, bike trails, and amazing beaches as well. Before the day ends, make sure that you bring your camera because the sunsets on the Island are breathtaking. You can enjoy it on the shore or you can consider a private yacht rental to fully enjoy the colors of sunset as it paints the Toronto skyline and the CN Tower.

7. Stadium Road Park Boardwalk

The Stadium Road Park Boardwalk is a popular destination if you want to get a clear view of the sunset in Toronto. Located near Billy Bishop Airport, it’s a great place to stay while waiting for the sun to set as there are benches for the public as well as grassy areas where you can relax. If you’re lucky, you can see planes landing and taking off under the spectacular sunset colors.

Boat rental in Toronto

Whether you’re a local or on vacation in the GTA, experiencing its sunset should be at the top of your bucket list. To have a full experience of its amazing sunset, you can try a boat rental Toronto together with your family.

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