The Best Places to See the City Skyline


Whether you’re a local or just a tourist passing through, you will never get tired of the picturesque Toronto Skyline. The towering skyscrapers and modern architecture will take your breath away.

You can rent a boat in Toronto and take a dramatic picture of the Toronto Skyline during sunrise and sunset or you can head to specific locations around the city to see its beauty.

Take out your cameras and head to these locations to capture the magnificence of Toronto’s Skyline.

1. Toronto Islands

One of the most popular locations to capture Toronto’s skyline are the Toronto Islands. From here you have spectacular views of downtown Toronto.

To get here, you can ride a regular ferry or you can opt for a water taxi. If you ride the ferry boats, they go to three different Islands – Hanlan’s, Ward’s, and Center Islands. These islands are connected to each other so you can visit the three islands without having to ride another boat.

You can also just walk from one island to another. Each island has a different view so you can take a picture of all three if you have time.

2. Riverdale Park East

Riverdale Park East is definitely one of the top spots to capture Toronto’s skyline. You don’t even need to wait for sunrise or sunset to appreciate its beauty. With the trees and greens in the foreground and the skyscrapers at the back, this park offers a unique illustration of the skyline.

For tourists, the fastest way to get here is from Broadview Subway Station. Take a streetcar south or you can walk it in approximately 5 minutes from the station.

3. Boat Rental

Nothing beats the view of Toronto’s skyline from a boat or yacht! You can take a picture from different angles. Going around the waters of Toronto will also allow you to get that perfect shot. My favourite view is just southwest of Hanlan’s Point Beach from a sailing yacht you get the island trees in the foreground and great city scape behind.

Private yacht rental is very popular in Toronto, especially if you plan to explore the best sceneries of the city. Take note that you can also do other things aside from taking a photo of the skyline.

If you plan to visit here with your friends and family, opting for a boat rental is the best way to enjoy the city.

4. Humber Bay

The Toronto Islands and Riverdale Park East are the best spots to get a good picture of the skyline during sunset. For the best view of the skyline during sunrise, Humber Bay is the best spot to check out.

You can walk around the bay while enjoying the view of the city skyline. There is a boardwalk and a beach area at the side of the lake. If you walk further, you will see an arched bridge where you can sit down and relax while taking pictures of the skyline.

5. The CN Tower

For a full view of Toronto’s skyline, going up to the observation deck of the CN Tower is definitely the best thing that you can do. Basically, this is a popular tourist spot because it is considered one of the most incredible towers in the world.

You can head to the main observation deck which is 346 meters from the ground. Also, you can check out the Skypod, which is 447 meters high.

From these spots, you can already see the entirety of the city. You’ll have to pay a fee to go up the tower, but it’s totally worth it. The sights from above are definitely worth every penny. Bring your family and friends with you and enjoy the beauty of the city lights from the top of the tower.

Final Thoughts

Your Toronto trip will not be complete without getting a picture of the city’s skyline. Enjoy the amazing views of the city while enjoying all the different activities that Toronto has to offer. You can check out all the areas mentioned above and capture the skyline from different angles.

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